Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Gene only take one wedding at a time?

A: Yes! We cater to very discriminating brides and this ensure that our brides are getting 100%. You will not have to worry about wedding burn out or your photographer rushing out to the next job.

Q: What kind of equipment does Gene use?

A: Gene uses the highest quality digital Canon equipment on the market with complete backups for all his equipment and that of his assistants. He often get's lens envy from people since Gene loves his toys.

Q: Will I be able to view my wedding photographs online?

A: Yes! Your family and friends will be able to, as well! All wedding images are displayed online. Gene uses variety of services to display all images online and make ordering for family a snap.

Q: How long will it take to receive the images, after my wedding?

A: The wedding images will be online with in 4 weeks after the wedding day.

Q: How do I go about ordering my album and how will I know which images will go into it?

A: Once the proofs are posted on-line you can choose your favorite 60-150 images, out of their entire proof collection. Albums are specific to your package, however, you can choose to upgrade your album at any time.

Q: Is Gene willing to travel for weddings?

A: Yes! Gene is happy to travel! Travel fees may apply for weddings outside NY Area. International and destination weddings are quoted travel fees based on time of year and location.Ask for a quote, you may be surprised with the price.


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