My Vision

My approach to wedding photography is simple and straightforward, always creative and fun. The goal in photographing a wedding is to create from a personal perspective that becomes your lasting record of the day you join with your partner. Generally described as wedding photojournalism, my ability to tell a story, put you at your ease and execute creative photographs in technically challenging environments sets me apart with a definitive artistic style. Who could better build the romantic story of your wedding than a photographer that has recently has gone through same himself.

The love between you and your husband to be, generates the creative energy you put into dreaming and planning your wedding together. I hope to be your trusted partner in making a spectacular record of the emotions, actions and details that blend together into the mystery of your love and union.

Photo by Gene Sorkin

Picny photo teams shoot weddings in the candid, unobtrusive, style frequently called wedding photojournalism; A storytelling, fly-on-the-wall photography that Gene Sorkin reinvented wedding photography with his digital style. In New York when the term "wedding photographer" was a derogatory expression for "the worst photographer". But innovation, hard work and coveted jobs like the weddings of Brooklynites got Gene the reputation as a great wedding photographer in the area. He is looking for clients with great personalities and any couple who wants extraordinary wedding pictures, not simply good wedding pictures.


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